Impresora InkJet UV Dilli NeoTitanPlus – High Production


New Product

• Speed : Max. 82 sqm/hr (express mode) Fastest in equivalent class
• Quality : 1,440 dpi Max, 4 Level Gray Scale with No Speed Down
– Perfect Colorizing by Dilli’s Original Wave Form Performance
• High Print Head Stability : Stably and easily managing Print Heads from nozzle level ink Circulation
• Multi-layers Printing Mode : Support 5 Layers Max.
• Hybrid (HB) : 1,600mm Flexible (Roll) media and Rigid media.

• The Fastest Printing Speed in equivalent class
– Maximum 82 sqm/hr (express mode)

• Resolution
– 720 x 1,440 dpi Max

• Perfect Color Expression
– 4 Level Gray Scale without slowing down speed
– Dilli’s Original Wave Form installed
– Providing Dilli’s NEO RIP Software and ICC Profile

• Various Special Functions
– Stably & Easily managing print heads from nozzle level Ink Circulation
– Hybrid Printer (Rigid and Flexible Media, Maximum 50mm height)
– UV LED Curing System (available for heat-vulnerable media)
– Print Head Collision Prevention System
– Anti-Static System : Keeps media static free for great printing quality
– DAWC System (Ink Circulation System for White Head)
– Multi-layers Printing Mode (Maximum 5 Layers)
– Assistant Table included for rigid media
– Aftercare Programs : Providing solutions and trained service technicians


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